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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Tiada yang ALLAH jadikan itu sia - sia :)

Let us talk about love. 
Love is like a rose with thorns (whatever colour the rose is). 
It is beautiful yet it can hurt. 
Love hurts, love also heals. 
To love is to give commitment. 
To love is to build trust.
To love is to sacrifice.
To love is to be responsible.
To love is to be dependable.
To love is to be flexible.
To love is to be respectable.

Love means sharing, love means caring.
Love is accepting, love is understanding.
Love is when you pay attention to the smallest of things.
Love is when you care for everything.
Love is when you (force to) like what she/he likes.
Love is when you'll be there when she/he needs you.
Love is when you offer your shoulder to cry on to.
Love is when you lend you ears to listen to her/his issues.
Love is when you're my doctor when I'm sick.
Love is when you're my BFF whenever I need.
Love is when you're the one I'd hope to die with.
Love is when I'm the one you'd hope to die with.

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